The calendar is SOLD OUT! Thank you so much!

2021 Calendar with two folded holiday cards on sale!! 🙂

Photos I took in Montana plus my furry family and friends are here and there. The quality of printing and paper of this calendar is much better than giveaway calendars. I personally really like how it came out.

Many friends have encouraged me to make a calendar or a coffee table book. But I had hesitated to go ahead and print my photos to sell because I didn’t see myself as a photographer. I have taken photos as my hobby except very very few occasions. Since amount of my work has gone down drastically because of COVID-19, I thought “Hey, why not? I’d better use whatever I see any potential.”
So there it is, my very first calendar!! 2021 calendar (8 x 11in) plus two folded notecards for $26 include shipping (U.S. only).