2022 Calendar now discount price!! 🙂

Last year I printed my very first calendar with photos I took. Fortunately all the copies were sold out and people have asked me if I do 2022 calendar. I say “Yes!” All photos were taken in Montana plus my furry family and friends are here and there as I did last year. This year the calendar will come with 2 different folded notecards.
So there it is! 2022 calendar (8.5 x 11in) for discount price $20 include shipping (U.S. only).
The quality of printing and paper of this calendar is much better than giveaway calendars. I personally really like how it came out.

2022 Calendar Image
Calendar image

How to purchase the 2022 calendar

If you would like to order the calendar, please purchase via PayPal or Venmo! If you would like to send a check, please contact me.
2022 Calendar for $20.00 + free shipping. Don’t forget to add your mailing address!

Order via PayPal @yaebowman /
Order via Venmo: @Yae-Inoue or from this link