As all of you know restaurants, bars, event spaces are closed due to COVID-19. So no live jazz for a while. Just hoping things will settle down soon.
I am sending few info with non-jazz snippets for this week.
* To musician friends, if you would like to add your message, on going projects like new albums, etc. on please contact me!
* Details of these concerts can be changed due to artists/venues’ circumstances.


This is just my, albeit heartfelt, observation of these unexpected times. First of all I want to say I miss seeing all of you great fans. I also I really miss the camaraderie of my musician friends and staffs at the various venues a lot. The impact of COVID-19 on everyone is indeed of great magnitude. Professional musicians are particularly hard hit. Restaurants and their employees as well, but musicians can’t do takeout and delivery. Can’t imagine being in the healthcare industry now. When(who knows) the pendulum does swing back musicians will be the last feel any relief. No paid time off etc. Everything stops. The live jazz scene in the Treasure State and most places has been floundering at best and I feel somewhat responsible. Self promotion is not my thing. Suddenly local work, tours, recordings and teaching are all gone. One might counter with “Well you should have gotten a real job and do music on your spare time.” Doesn’t work that way. I don’t have time for a real job. It takes constant diligence, dedication and most importantly love to be as good of an artist as possible. I have as dear friends that are absolutely the best musicians/people in the world who have dedicated their lives to their art to make this a better planet and beyond. I have a hard time thinking that the music scene will return even as it was. We need all of the arts and sciences more now than ever otherwise…


Guitarist Alex Nauman will host jazz live stream on this Saturday, March 21st! Alex Nauman on guitar, Keller Paulson on drums, an Erik Gothberg on bass will be making fantastic sounds for you! You can find the band on Alex’s Facebook page. They will have donation links at the event and it will be honor system. Please join them with your choice of drink, food, and cellphone/computer connected to a good sound system!
Alex Nauman Trio on Facebook live stream
Saturday, March 21st 7:00 p.m. – (MST)
Alex’s Facebook page


Red Tractor Pizza in Bozeman, one of venues that host live jazz every week is open for take-out and delivery. RTP supports local foods, local arts, and local music and we really like the place! No live music for now but if you are around Bozeman and craving for delicious pizza, please call and oder some pizza to show your support!
Red Tractor pizza
1007 W Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 359-1999


Craft Local is non-profit event place that supports local arts, music, beer, and wine. Lots of Montana musicians/entertainers have played at Craft Local and local music fans appreciate Craft Local for being the place they can enjoy live music in a friendly atmosphere. Here is a message from Craft Local that I copied from their FB page.
“Craft local is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit that provides Artists the space to show their works and Musicians/Entertainers the space to charm their audiences.
Our Mission is to Foster, Educate, Support and Develop the LOCAL Arts, Music and Cultural activities in Billings MT.
It is Your Support and Generosity that helps us with our Mission of Supporting LOCAL Arts and Music in the Billings community.
If you Enjoy and Appreciate what we do you can show your Support with a tax deductible Donation on our website.
Thank You for Supporting the Arts in Billings.
Craft Local
2413 Montana Ave., Billings, MT 59101



Mountain Chickadees and Black-capped Chickadees are permanent residents around here near West Yellowstone. We LOVE watching them come to our bird feeders in winter time. Here is few cool facts about these fearless and energetic feather ball.

  • Energetic models suggest that a half-ounce chickadee needs to eat about 10 calories per day to survive. That’s equivalent to about one-twentieth of an ounce of peanut butter.
  • Mountain Chickadees incubate their eggs almost a full week longer than their near-twins, the Black-capped Chickadees do. Some scientists think this is an evolutionary change that’s been made possible by Mountain Chickadees’ tendency to nest inside harder-walled trees, which are safer from predators.
  • Black-capped chickadees in northern environments store more body fat in winter, providing greater insulation from the cold and more fuel for keeping warm. This species also uses nocturnal hypothermia to survive in the long subarctic night. By dropping their body temperature nearly 10ºC (18ºF) to a minimum of 30ºC (86ºF), chickadees decrease their metabolic rate and conserve precious energy supplies.

We admire how they can remember where they cache foods. This may be the reason!
“Dr. Fernando Nottebohm of Rockefeller University in New York studies the growth of neurons in the brains of birds. He focused on the remarkable ability of Black-capped Chickadees to recall the locations of hundreds of stored seeds. His lab produced the first evidence that in the adult brain of birds neurons are replaced periodically, with the learning of new behaviors.
Dr. Nottebohm suggests that as demand for memory space peaks, chickadees discard cells that hold old memories and replace them with new cells that store fresh memories. “

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