Hope everyone is doing the best in this stressful situation. It has been almost a week since Vernal Equinox Day but we are still having snow and frosty mornings. Hey, it is Montana. Spring starts end of May around Hebgen! Hope this doesn’t sound corny but often when I go out and wonder around in the woods, I feel I am a small part of the nature instead of being alone enjoying solitude. And, to me, it feels like that is one of the richest and meaningful feeling that I can experience in my life. I feel the same way when I listen to the music, especially live music.
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* Details of these concerts can be changed due to artists/venues’ circumstances.


While many musicians have lost gigs and have to stay home, some of them have been giving online lessons, posting their music and streaming live performances on social media. Alex Nauman has launched his YouTube channel! Also he posts his performance on his Facebook. You can find Erik Olson posting on Instagram. Of course Montana PBS 11th & Grant with Eric Funk offers lots of shows by your favorite local musicians.
Bob and I are planning to do some videos as well!


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As many of jazz fans know McCoy Tyner passed on March 6th. Last year Bob played music from “Real McCoy” with Kansas City musicians in KCMO and it was fantastic!! Many local musicians and music fans came out to enjoy.
We love “Real McCoy” so much but after we learned Mr. Tyner’s passing, Bob picked up another album “Reaching Forth”,  McCoy Tyner on piano, Henry Grimes on bass, and Roy Haynes on drums. BTW, one of Bozeman’s biggest jazz fans Greg Smith sent us a touching email about McCoy Tyner which I don’t share here but much appreciation to Greg for sharing his love for jazz!!

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Last night Bob and I enjoyed listening to Jimmy Heath’s “Picture of Heath”. Jimmy Heath who also recently passed on tenor and soprano saxophone, Barry Harris on piano, Sam Jones on bass, and Billy Higgins on drums. Then realized Bob has played with all of them except Sam Jones who is one of Bob’s favorite bassists. Sam Jones was the first jazz bassist Bob saw live when he was 14 with Oscar Peterson and Bobby Durham and that was it for little Bob! Checkout this trio on Oscar’s recording ‘The Way I Really Play”.

I’ve witnessed children gathering, listening, and dancing to live jazz at Red Tractor Pizza in Bozeman and other places where children can attend. Seeing and listening live music is very special. Different from playing recorded music on your sound system. Of course seeing how musicians play musical instruments is very interesting but experiencing the sounds being created through interaction between musicians in front of you is another level!!
Well, our dog Budsie loves live music too as you can see in this photo.

That’s all for this week. See you next week!

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