My wonderful husband and great artist Bob Bowman‘s albums are now available on iTunes! Songs for Sandra (released in 2014), this BEAUTIFUL album was dedicated to his late wife Sandra. One of my favorite albums! And Winter Song (released in 1999) by Interstring (Danny Embrey : Guitar, Rod Fleeman : Guitar, Bob Bowman : Bass, Todd Strait : Drums) , a legendary jazz band in Kansas City. Bob and I just listened to the album this morning and the whole album sounds FANTASTIC! Please check the albums and purchase if you like them!
* To musician friends, if you would like to add your message, on going projects like new albums, etc. on please contact me!
* Details of these concerts can be changed due to artists/venues’ circumstances.


These are two of the recordings I’m most  proud of. Interstring was four musicians playing once a week to people holding lighters up and stuff. No rehearsals, but a new song about every week. We played as one instrument. As my mother pointed out, who was a great dedicated  violinist, that we had so much respect for one another. Gave one another space to breathe yet cohesive. When I play with Roger Wilder it’s like a flight of birds. There’s nothing else that I can think of to compare it to. Hope to bring these folks to the Treasure State soon. Turn the lights off, don’t do anything else and close your eyes.
Songs for Sandra by Bob Bowman (on iTunes)
Winter Song by Interstring (on iTunes)


If you are a jazz fan in Montana, you must know Craig Hall. Guitarist, bassist, composer, educator, and life-long mountaineer! Craig and his amazing wife (I mean, really amazing!!) Mary Anne Hansen are great force for culture in Montana! As many of you know, Mary Anne was recently named one of only 10 winners nationwide of this year’s I Love My Librarian Award from the American Library Association!
You can find some of Craig’s music on his website
Also you can watch an episode of Craig Hall Quartet on 11th& Grant with Eric Funk here.

Another guitarist I bet you are familiar with is Alex Robilotta! He was born in Brooklyn, grew up in New Jersey, and currently lives in Bozeman, MT. He books Jazz nights at Red Tractor Pizza and is busy playing and teaching music. Please check Alex Robilotta’s website for more info about him.
He has a YouTube channel where you can see him playing lots of Bach (!) and other stuff.
His wife Marianne Robilotta is a potter! Her work is simple, clean, and lovely. You can check her work on her website.

Guitarist Alex Nauman is one of the busiest guitarists in Billings, MT. He also composes and teaches when he is not performing at wide range of gigs. He’s been adding more tutorial videos about Wes Montgomery to Funk guitar and more with PDF download on his YouTube channel !
You can find his trio from 2012 on 11th&Grant with Eric Funk. Alex Nauman : Guitar, Erik Olson : Hammond C-3, and Brad Edwards (RIP) : Drums.
Here is Alex’s website.
By the way, his wife Jill Nauman is a fantastic photographer who specializes in child, family and newborn portraiture. Here is Jill’s website.

And pianist Adam Platt will be playing livestream on Facebook tonight, April 27th from 9pm EST! Adam is from Bozeman and now lives in Astoria, NY. Some of you have caught his concerts with his brother and drummer Alex Platt in Bozeman when Adam comes back to Bozeman in the last several years! Don’t miss the Astoria Music Collective presents : Adam Platt Music “AMC Digital Sessions”. Please check Astoria Music Collective’s Facebook page for more info and link.
Adam’s wife Farrah Crane is an actor, teacher, and producer in NYC. I guess creative people call each other!


In the last BigSkyJazz, I wrote about the show featuring John Roberts y Pan Blanco on Montana PBS’s 11th & Grant with Eric Funk has been nominated for Arts/Entertainment category of Northwest Regional Emmy Awards. The show has been nominated for FOUR Northwest Emmy Awards. Here are the detail!

CATEGORY: Arts/Entertainment – Program/Special
11th & Grant with Eric Funk Featuring John Roberts y Pan Blanco
MontanaPBS – Scott Sterling, Producer; Paul “Gomez” Routhier, Producer; Eric Funk, Host/Artistic Director; Jeremiah Slovarp, Audio Producer; Aaron Pruitt, Executive Producer
11th & Grant with Eric Funk Featuring Laney Lou & The Bird Dogs
MontanaPBS – Scott Sterling, Producer; Aaron Pruitt, Executive Producer; Paul “Gomez” Routhier, Producer; Eric Funk, Host/Artistic Director; Jeremiah Slovarp, Audio Producer

Jeremiah Slovarp, Luke Scheeler, Jereco Studios/MontanaPBS

CATEGORY: Editor – Program
Scott Sterling, MontanaPBS

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