This is a short and quick reminder. Devil’s Toboggan is having a live music tonight, May 19th! And they are planning to have live jazz every Tuesday again. Please scroll down for more details for today’s performance!
* To musician friends, if you would like to add your message, on going projects like new albums, etc. on please contact me!
* Details of these concerts can be changed due to artists/venues’ circumstances.


From Craig Hall :
“Hi guys. Wild ride lately, huh? Michael Steele and I are going to play at Devil’s Toboggan (in Bozeman’s Cannery District) Tuesday night (the 19th) 7PM to 9 or so. It’s a cozy, heart-felt little second story bar (there’s an elevator) and I am SO looking forward to relaxing in that vibe and playing some Benny Golson, Duke, Miles, and some nice, long, free, Montana wide-open simple grooves with room to breathe and explore. Not sure if I’m all on board for a return to gigging, but what the heck, we’ll see what happens. Micheal and I have been playing together daily lately (and for years before the virus) and are anxious to play new repertoire, etc. and to see listeners we haven’t seen for a while. Devil’s Toboggan will be careful about capacity, of course. “
If you plan to attend it would be helpful to contact the venue so they can arrange the limited seating.
Devil’s Toboggan
113 East Oak, Suite 2B (Cannery District) 
Tuesday, May 19th 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
(406) 587-4829


Alex Platt

Many of old and new jazz fans around Bozeman have seen drummer Alex Platt! Alex is a professional musician with 25+ years of teaching and performing experience on the drums. His West L.A. studio was established in 2005, and he relocated to his hometown of Bozeman, MT in 2018. Since then he has been busy performing, teaching, and recording.
He has a YouTube channel where you can enjoy his drum lesson materials and some of his performances with guitarist Craig Hall, singer Michelle Manzo Cobb, pianist Cheyenne John-Henderson, bassist Bob Bowman also Rob Kohler, and of course his brother Adam Platt!
Here is the link to his YouTube channel Alexplattmusic! Enjoy! and news letter Jazz this week are non-profit. I am doing this to be a little help for jazz community around Bozeman while I work as a website/graphic designer.
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