My photo book “雪景 – Sekkei. 空景 – Kukei.” on sale!
To friends who bought my 2021 calendar, thank you so much for your support! I printed a small amount of my first photo books which is my first baby steps.About the title. Japanese “Sekkei” means snowscape. “Sekkei” is combination of these words: Yuki (snow) and Kei (scenery, landscape view, scene.)”Kukei”, I made up this word to go with “Sekkei”. I used a combination of the words: Ku (sky, space) and Kei to title my photos of sky.

All photos were taken in Montana, most of them are from my regular walk near Hebgen Lake. As you can see from the pics below they are not “Montana” photos you might expect to see which are great mountains and valley, beautiful wild animals, etc. Though if you take a moment and look at them, you will feel the crispy clear air, tranquility, and solitude with peace in the photos. At least they are what I felt when I took them and the feelings I want to share with you.

I printed the photo book using Snapfish, which is not a printing service for professional but they do a good job. This time I wanted to see how my photos in a book form looks like for my next project when I have enough budget.

So here are my humble works, “Sekkei. Kukei”. (11.5 x 8.5 inch, 22 pages)
$28 include shipping (U.S. only)
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